“”We help answer questions like; “What am I getting for my hard earned money?” or “What am I actually buying?” We want our customers to be knowledgeable and confident, and to feel empowered.”.”

Jewelry Education

Knowledge is power.

The chances are you are not a trust fund baby, and you work very hard for your money. You see no glory in over spending, and want to know you’re getting the best bangle for your buck. We understand. Spending money on jewelry is, for most people, a real luxury item; not an attention getting clubbing accessory. Before you part with your money, Barbara Oliver Jewelry wants to first put your mind at ease.

Do you have a friend who is a sports fanatic? The kind of person who knows the answer to a question like; “who was the punter for the Buffalo Bills in 1978”? We’re kind of like that with jewelry, but without the face paint and clown wig. Our passion is jewelry and gem stones. We don’t claim to know everything (besides, no one likes a know it all). But we know quite a bit, and we are always happy to share our experience and knowledge. Our time is yours – we promise we’ll never make you feel neglected or rushed. We want your jewelry shopping experience to be relaxed, and your final decision to be informed and clear-eyed.

Here are some links that provide basic information regarding diamonds, colored stones, metals, and other frequently asked questions regarding jewelry. However, for a truly personalized experience, and to have your specific questions answered, we encourage you to stop by at our Williamsville store.

By the way, the Bills punter during the ’78 season was Rusty Jackson, he wore #4.

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My experience was awesome. I loved how Barbara sat down with and had a whole lesson on what a good diamond really is. She was really understanding of what I wanted and didn’t try to sell me anything more than I wanted. I would definitely recommend Barbara Oliver to everyone.

Take the mystery out of, “What am I actually buying?”