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While growing up in Tonawanda, I discovered my lifelong passion for gemstones. While my friends played with dolls and dressed up, I immersed myself in gemological books and learned about precious stones. While I can’t say this made me the cool kid in school (I was clearly a little before my time on this one), it laid the foundation for what it is we do now. I just knew that one day I would be a jeweler and create unique custom jewelry. I consider myself blessed to be doing what I love doing best.


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My father, Jerry, was the consummate sales professional, and I learned a lot from him as I launched my career. I honed my sales skills early on selling all sorts of things – clothing, real estate, cars, postage meters, even commercial lighting. Under dad’s tutelage I learned the art of being a sales professional; discovering the buyer’s needs and desires, overcoming objections, and closing the deal.

It was all good stuff, but there was an overarching lesson which he stressed constantly – to be successful in business, you have to be able to build relationships. He told me it’s not about leading someone to your way of thinking, it’s about listening carefully, asking the right questions, and finally, when you have real understanding, sharing relevant information. Dad said if you’ve done your job right, they’ll discover the reasons for themselves as to why they should do business with you. And if you do your job really well they’ll come back again and again. And he was right. It’s like instant karma.

After a few years of selling other things, I revisited my early dream of being in the jewelry business and became a Graduate Gemologist through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Having that formal and rigorous training in diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals enabled me to get a foothold in the jewelry business. When passion meets opportunity good things happen, and I thrived. I worked for other jewelry stores for a number of years, and I learned a lot about the jewelry and gemstone industries. During that time I also observed some business practices that were not customer focused, and on occasion, unfair and dishonest. I realized that the way I wanted to do business would only be achieved if I had control over the jewelry shopping experience from start to finish. So in 2003 I started Barbara Oliver Jewelry.

I was blessed that my customers from over the years followed me here to the third floor of an office building.  Sometimes people comment that our location is genius, and I laugh and tell them the reason we selected this location was so if I didn’t make it, no one would ever know. Now, of course, our location makes perfect sense – it allows us to focus on delivering exceptional customer service and building an intimate and personal shopping experience. We don’t get any “walk by” traffic, but once people find us, they keep coming back. Plus we don’t pay high retail rents, which reflect in the value we offer all of our customers.

For most people, buying a piece of jewelry is an act of trust. Educating yourself can be hard; there are significant variations in jewelry designs, the metals, the size and quality of the stones, the workmanship, and the degree to which the people selling you will stand behind their product. I hate to say it, but there’s also a lot of misleading or outright false information in our industry. So, it always comes back to trust. Which is where we excel.

Our commitment to quality, to providing expert knowledge, to sweating the small details, and to treating everyone with integrity and respect are the cornerstones of what we do here at Barbara Oliver Jewelry. We hope you’ll visit us and find out for yourself how we create a “jewelry shopping experience like no other.”

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Ready for another re-do? Cynthia was! The diamonds originally came from a older style tennis bracelet which a number of years ago we re-set into a stunning pave set band that she wore all the time. She is now the proud wearer of this up-dated cross-over design that really shows off those sparklers now as her new signature right hand ring. Just a hint, we are also in process of her new left hander, aka upgraded engagement ring re-do, stay tuned.... ... See MoreSee Less
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Oh this one I've been waiting to share with you ever since July when Chase and my dear friend Monica (his grandmother) came in for Brittany's dream ring. He left the ring in my safe to ensure he didn't ruin his own plans of proposal(due to a case of severe excitement). Chase's birthday was last Saturday and a big party was held in the family's back yard with flowers, lighting, decorated to the nines, with all their friends and family present. So this sly fellow who had his plan in place....when asked to say a few words, he asked Brittany to join him in front of everyone. He popped THE QUESTION. What was Brittany's response? She jumped up and wrapped her legs and arm around him with tears abound and a resounding YES, her smile every bit as radiant as the shape of her diamond. We wish them both a lifetime of happiness, and love! ... See MoreSee Less
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So we have not done a jewelry re-do post for you all in a while, so here you go on this lovely Friday. The before and after. Kathleen wanted to give her daughter a very special signature piece. She had this "once considered lovely" pyramid style ring that had long lost favor in the family. Something appropriate for Miranda, stylish and dazzling just like she is. We played around with all the loose diamond shapes and VIOILA! Not sure if Kathleen is ready to give it up now, I think the word flabbergasted best describes the reaction she gave us when we opened up the box to show it off for the first time. ... See MoreSee Less
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