About Colored Stones

Below is a listing of each birthstone and the month it traditionally corresponds to. Keep in mind as you browse that this is but a small sampling of the many colored gemstones available. Start here, and venture in to even more fabulous hues and shades of gems!

January – Garnet

The birthstone for this month is the garnet, of which a variety of looks are available. While the traditional garnet is reminiscent of an autumn sunset, this stone is actually available in other colors, including rare green shades.

February – Amethyst

February’s birthstone is the amethyst. When shopping for amethyst, search for one with a deep, rich purple hue. Amethyst has long been regarded as a symbol of royalty and is also considered a sign of luck and victory.

March – Aquamarine

Not to be confused with blue-sky topaz, March’s stone, the aquamarine possesses a signature pale-blue color. The charm of this stone is that it is fabled to make wishes come true.

April – Diamond

April’s stone is the lauded diamond. Not only is the diamond regarded as a symbol of love and truth, but it is also said to bring luck and success. Learn more about these fabulous gems on our other information pages.

May – Emerald

Just as May reflects a season of new growth and “greening up,” so the emerald was appropriately chosen as this month’s birthstone. Venus, the goddess of love, believed these deep-green stones inspired faithfulness and eternal love. A member of the beryl family, natural emeralds often have internal characteristics known as gardens. Clear emeralds are also available, although they are very rare.

June – Pearl

There is beauty beneath the sea, and nothing brings it to us with the elegance and luster of this month’s birthstone, the pearl. Both freshwater and saltwater pearls can be found naturally or can be cultivated by man. Additionally, June has an alternative birthstone, the alexandrite. This unique stone shifts in color from reddish-purple to greenish-blue depending upon the light.

July – Ruby

Sizzling temperatures, the sizzle of the red-hot barbeque…it’s no wonder that the ruby, with its rich crimson hues, was chosen as July’s birthstone! A member of the corundum family, rubies are just a step down in hardness from diamonds. They are believed by some to bring health, wealth, wisdom, and love.

August – Peridot

This month’s stone, the peridot, actually means outer space. How appropriate, considering this stone can be found, among other places, in meteorites. Peridots come in shades of green ranging from olive to apple.

September – Sapphire

The sapphire, September’s birthstone, is available in every color of the rainbow. Sapphires are also a member of the corundum family, just like rubies. Folklore has it that ancient Persians believed the earth rested on a blue sapphire and the clouds were a reflection of white sapphires.

October – Opal

Referring to October’s opal, ancient Roman historian Pliny once said, “There is in them a softer fire than the ruby, there is the brilliant purple of the amethyst, and the deep green of the emerald—all shining together in incredible union.” Opals are made of silica, with a minute trace of water, combined with a crystal matrix to cause the prismatic fire that makes them such a highly-regarded gemstone.

November – Citrine

Fall is in the air, and undoubtedly in the assortment of colors that make up the set of November birthstones. The traditional gem of this month is the golden topaz. As a modern alternative, however, the citrine may also be worn to commemorate a November birth. This stone has a wide range of colors from traditional sunny yellow, to the near-sherry tones of the fire citrine, to the madiera’s warm brown shades.

December – Tanzanite

December has an eclectic mix of birthstones, making it easy to find a color to suit every December baby’s unique tastes. Traditionally, the zircon is worn as December’s badge of honor. This unique stone is available in a variety of shades that can range from clear and colorless to blue and yellow. Blue tanzanite is considered to be a modern option for December’s birthstone. This gem comes in absolutely stunning shades that range from blue to violet, with differing levels of saturation. Finally, as an alternative to tanzanite, some “Decemberites” may appreciate the azure shades offered by blue topaz.
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