tennis bracelet with 4 carats total weight in diamonds

The tennis bracelet, a classic piece of jewelry, was once known as an eternity or inline bracelet. The design became more popularly known as a “tennis bracelet” when, during a 1987 US Open Tennis match, Chris Evert had a jewelry malfunction, and diamonds from her bracelet were scattered around the court. A halt in play was called and she ended up getting on all fours to look for them, implausibly inspiring a new name and trend.

Taking women’s tennis and accessorizing to new heights, Serena Williams is known to really bring the bling to her matches. We wish we were her jeweler, that’s all we can say.

The bracelet shown here features 4 carats total weight of diamonds set in 14K white. gold. It also has a safety clasp, which helps avoid ever having to crawl around on a tennis court (or any other flat surface) looking for scattered diamonds.

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