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To all of you who saw our posting yesterday,my most sincere apologies on what appeared to be a most insensitive one at this time. I hired an outside company to create a survey, asking you how you would like us to take care of you during this difficult time, not to ask for testimonials. What was published was NOT approved by me and has been removed.
We are committed to bringing you as much feeling of normalcy and calm with any need that you may have. As they just announced as I was typing this that 100% of non-essential workers must stay home, our store # 716-204-1297 goes to my cell so you can always call me or email or inbox me. We are here until 5pm today. Stay healthy, and safe and also kind. I love you all and we will get through this together.

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Ah, the best made plans.. . .Tony’s were brilliant! He wanted to surprise Karen and propose without her having a clue. What to do? Have your buddies in on a faux surprise party for Tony on March 29th, so the whole time Karen will think it’s for him, when it’s really a setup for their engagement. I am besties with Tony's mom Katherine and was sooo excited along with all the other folks to be invited and watch this beautiful act of love and mild deception unfold. But then Tony picked up this beautiful sparkler on Saturday. Now, a dazzling diamond in the pocket of a man deeply in love can have a strong effect on said individual. And, so on Sunday, the very next day, I got this text from Tony: “Couldn’t Wait.” Now, how much love is that? Living in the moment, every moment with a love that just shines so bright just like their future. Congratulations Tony and Karen! ...

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Jessica found us FB. So, we are more than delighted to continue her story here and show off her new family heirloom! Jessica had ordered a ring online with birthstones of her daughters, Emma and Olivia, but it didn't take long before alas, it fell apart. She wanted a "big girl ring" in 14k white gold and genuine stones representing her little girls, and here we have Emma making the big presentation. Nothing like the little sweet voice of a two year- old saying "Amatist" and "Cittween" to make me want to refer to them as that from now on. Jessica, your babes are beautiful! And thank you for the honor of choosing us to work with on such a special project! ...

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The experience of making, what some would say, the biggest purchase a lifetime was such a delight with Barbara and her associates. She makes it very comfortable and not scary during the whole process. She made sure that I knew what I was buying, and also educated in what I was buying. We were able to get the most perfect ring, and was/is willing to work with any budget. My now fiancé said it is the most perfect ring, and wouldn’t want anything else. Now it’s time to pick out wedding bands!!!!!

Matt B

I AM TRULY SPEECHLESS!!!! Can’t say enough about Barbara and her staff!! She helped me upgrade my wife’s wedding ring diamond for our 20th Anniversary. Barbara really took the time to sit down and discuss options with me, not from a sales person’s point of view, but from a “family member” point of view. Extremely warm and personable, someone who really cares! Thanks again Barbara, I gave the ring to my wife today and she was in tears!! Truly a day to remember!!

Brian M.

The experience we had in Barbara Oliver’s, was second to none, from the minute we walked through the door. We sat in a relaxed and comfortable setting and discussed our plan for a bespoke design. It seemed so much more personal than just standing across a counter, like most large chain jewelers. Barbara explained in detail, the process which made it easier to select the perfect stone and design the rings we wanted. At this point we knew we were in excellent hands with the right gemologist.

Graham M.