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Engagement rings - Learn How to shop for a Diamond
Custom Made Jewelry

How Custom Jewelry is Made

The art of making custom jewelry.

Making custom jewelry takes many forms and encompasses many techniques used over the ages by virtually all cultures. These techniques include metal fabricating/forming, beading, and lost wax casting. Lost-wax casting…

diamond ring

What a Diamond Ring Means

Fellas, do you know what it really means when you put a diamond on your woman’s finger? Yes, there is a meaning and symbolism behind the engagement ring!  It means you’re telling her you’re going to be her rock.  

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So we've talked about how its really ok to give ourselves an I LOVE ME piece of jewelry (yes you officially have received permission). Bethany, a self made successful woman in her own right, spends her professional hours making folks feel good about themselves, helping them cope with mental health, and is a very special person with a heart of gold. She also has had as we all do, trials, tribulations and CHAOS, but not the kind we like. Fast forward from the past and here we have a definite I LOVE ME ring, featuring a story for herself using all the diamonds that now have a happy ending. This platinum dazzler is just what the doctor ordered, proving to herself this lady is large and in charge! She literally giggled all the way out the door and put on her sunglasses. ... See MoreSee Less
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45 years married this June, when literally the STARS aligned for Kevin and Mary!!!! This beautiful and still so in love couple came to see their family jeweler for a little re-do of Mary's original wedding set and a fashion right hand ring that just weren't her flavor anymore. Loving our CHAOS idea of embracing our own chaos and rejoicing in it, what better way to celebrate their special day and even more special life story? Yes, the family name is Starr so of course we had something there. The best email I got just prior to the ring being ready....Mary asked it if was ready, my response was "We should have that last stone set shortly and I'll let you know the moment we are finished ." Mary's email.....ok I'll just check my email 43,000,000.00 times a day going forward. I let her know yesterday around 1:40pm, they were at the door at 2:01, clearly a woman of her word and level of excitement. I'm pretty sure she left here both dazzled and dazzling. ... See MoreSee Less
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Hi everyone and happy happy Friday, yes I am back from my glorious visit to Aruba. Keeping with the theme in my mind of the ocean and sunsets, as luck would have it we also just finished this Boulder opal and diamond pendant. Our dear friend/client Alicia had her own adventures in Australia and brought with her 3 native cut opals (stones cut in shapes that maintain as much of the original crystal as possible) of killer color that demanded their very own custom design (they can be pushy that way). We started out with some sketches narrowing down to the one that she really loved. Next step, we hand carved the wax model and of course added some diamond friends to the mix. 18k yellow gold just seemed to help the vivid colors of those stones just POP! I thought you'd like to see how we start things here, all those finished treasures start with my own personal stick figure drawings. Thank heavens for the skilled folks in my army who just "get me" and make my visions your reality. ... See MoreSee Less
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What We Do For You

And when you come in we will show you what diamonds actually should cost so that you'll understand what we're able to do for you, not to you.

What a Diamond Ring Means

Fellas, do you know what it really means when you put a diamond on your woman's finger? Yes, there is a meaning and symbolism behind the engagement ring!  It means you're telling her you're going to be her rock.  

What’s Our Slogan?

Because a trusted jeweler is worth her weight in gold.

Custom Crafted Pieces

You need that special piece, crafted specifically with your ideas in mind - that's what we do. We'll work with you every step of the way from model to finished to make sure you get that ring of your dreams.

Come In to Our Store

I would love for you to come in where I can show you all the beautiful, hand-selected, one-of-a-kind pieces. You're welcome to come in and play dress up, try everything on.

Do You Need High Clarity?

When it comes to clarity, do you really need high clarity? If you can't see it with your naked eye, does it really matter? Go color and cut, I'm telling you.

Picking out the Perfect Diamond

Hi, I'm Barbara Oliver and I'm here with you to teach you how to pick out the perfect diamond.

What’s My Favorite Color?

My favorite color? Sparkly!


The experience of making, what some would say, the biggest purchase a lifetime was such a delight with Barbara and her associates. She makes it very comfortable and not scary during the whole process. She made sure that I knew what I was buying, and also educated in what I was buying. We were able to get the most perfect ring, and was/is willing to work with any budget. My now fiancé said it is the most perfect ring, and wouldn’t want anything else. Now it’s time to pick out wedding bands!!!!!


I AM TRULY SPEECHLESS!!!! Can’t say enough about Barbara and her staff!! She helped me upgrade my wife’s wedding ring diamond for our 20th Anniversary. Barbara really took the time to sit down and discuss options with me, not from a sales person’s point of view, but from a “family member” point of view. Extremely warm and personable, someone who really cares! Thanks again Barbara, I gave the ring to my wife today and she was in tears!! Truly a day to remember!!

The experience we had in Barbara Oliver’s, was second to none, from the minute we walked through the door. We sat in a relaxed and comfortable setting and discussed our plan for a bespoke design. It seemed so much more personal than just standing across a counter, like most large chain jewelers. Barbara explained in detail, the process which made it easier to select the perfect stone and design the rings we wanted. At this point we knew we were in excellent hands with the right gemologist.


COVID-19 Response Information

The well being of our customers remains our highest priority. We  are following NY State guidelines,  we have our sanitizing plans in place and are ready to take care of everyone’s needs whether it is by appointment, or curbside service to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy.

The following are the precautions and protocol we have in place to ensure a safe opportunity to shop. We thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation:

* A Maximum of 3 Patrons in the showroom at one time

(Call ahead to help ensure social distancing – 716-204-1297)

Wearing of Mask is Mandatory at all times

* Use Sanitizer Upon Entry

* Maintain 6′ Distance from other customers & staff

* Curbside Pick-Up remains an option

* Counters, door knobs, jewelry, etc sanitized