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Reviews & Testimonials

We like to get feedback, and we especially like hearing when our client thinks it was a job well done. We don’t chase 5 star reviews, but if we work hard, and exceed your expectations, we have found they generally follow. On the rare occasion when things don’t go as planned we’ll work diligently to make sure we get it right. From our perspective an unhappy customer is not wrong; it means that their expectations went unfulfilled. And that’s all on us. Except maybe the guy from Bangkok who gave us 3 stars. We’re not sure what we did to him, but if we ever meet, we’ll work hard to make him happy as well.

By the way we don’t write reviews for ourselves either. That would be dishonest, immodest and a little sad; like having to organize your own birthday party. We’re more than happy to let our customers speak on our behalf, because word of mouth drives our success. We don’t do a huge amount of advertising, it’s expensive, and we would rather show you than tell you. So if you’re looking at the online reviews, we hope you’ll get a feel for what it is we do here. If you’re more of an analog sort of person, scroll down and check out the thank you notes we’ve received as well.

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