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COVID-19 Response Information

The well being of our customers remains our highest priority. We  are following NY State guidelines,  we have our sanitizing plans in place and are ready to take care of everyone’s needs whether it is by appointment, or curbside service to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy.

The following are the precautions and protocol we have in place to ensure a safe opportunity to shop. We thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation:

* A Maximum of 3 Patrons in the showroom at one time

(Call ahead to help ensure social distancing – 716-204-1297)

Wearing of Mask is Mandatory at all times

* Use Sanitizer Upon Entry

* Maintain 6′ Distance from other customers & staff

* Curbside Pick-Up remains an option

* Counters, door knobs, jewelry, etc sanitized

Personal Jewelry Consultation

Let us help you find or design a fine piece of jewelry for that special occasion with the personal attention you deserve.

Personal Jewelry Consultation with Barbara Oliver, Professional Jeweler

Barbara Oliver Jewelry
5820 Main St., Ste 311
Williamsville, NY 14221




(As of June 30, 2020)
Tues – Fri: 10am-5pm
Sat: 11am-3pm
Sun, Mon: Closed

Shopping by appt. 
& curbside pickup also available

Engagement rings - Learn How to shop for a Diamond
How Custom Jewelry is Made

How Custom Jewelry is Made

Making custom jewelry takes many forms and encompasses many techniques used over the ages by virtually all cultures. These including metal fabricating/forming, beading, and lost wax casting. Lost-wax casting (also called “investment casting” and “precision casting”,...

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I met Laura, the owner of Laura's Critter Care years ago and we have been part of a wonderful pack of friends ever since. When COVID put us into a sit stay, Laura couldn’t get the custom wedding band she so desired for her wedding earlier this spring. She was patient. She knew she wanted a best in show ring and here it is: Almost 2 carats of diamonds rounds and baguettes! When Laura's long awaited ring was finished and ready for the big reveal, so was Laura. Unable to wait after getting the "It's ready" phone call, Keith, her hubby was not available at the moment, so rather than having her languish, knowing THIS was waiting for her finger, we gladly stepped in (or rather knelt in) and presented from diamond-setter to the dog-sitter for the big reveal. Best wishes to you both, we are delighted for you!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Mike was my gym trainer years ago and whipped me into shape before going into law enforcement. Julie aka Jewels is a special Ed teacher and upon their meeting it was love at first sight. After they faced the worst moment of their life together earlier this year (Mike was in ICU with injuries from a fire), they decided to flip it into their best year yet! And with a new house under their belts and a fur-kid to round out the basics, it was time for Mike to put a ring on her finger. Oh yes, he did and "Yes" she said! Sharing the spotlight is Maverick whose antics endeared Mike into the hearts of Julie’s family. Taking advantage of a dropped lead, Maverick led Mike on rollerblades into a ‘catch me if you can’ chase on the way to one of his first dinners with Julie’s family. The result: A face plant by Mike into a soft spring lawn and a spectacularly muddy entrance! To a wonderful couple: May laughter, love and happiness always be yours! ... See MoreSee Less

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Andy took a job 7.5 years ago at a wonderful company and… he met a girl. She happened to be the CFO’s daughter, and he was advised to stay away from Elyse because obviously nothing good career-wise would come of it. Ignoring this advice was the best decision ever! He saw no liabilities and his risk was rewarded. Their love grew, eventually moving onto bigger and better things for them both and their future together. We now celebrate the non-hostile "takeover" of this wonderful couple, being promoted from dating status to marital merger!!!! Congratulations! ... See MoreSee Less

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What We Do For You

And when you come in we will show you what diamonds actually should cost so that you'll understand what we're able to do for you, not to you.

What a Diamond Ring Means

Fellas, do you know what it really means when you put a diamond on your woman's finger? It means you're telling her you're going to be her rock.

What’s Our Slogan?

Because a trusted jeweler is worth her weight in gold.

Custom Crafted Pieces

You need that special piece, crafted specifically with your ideas in mind - that's what we do. We'll work with you every step of the way from model to finished to make sure you get that ring of your dreams.

Come In to Our Store

I would love for you to come in where I can show you all the beautiful, hand-selected, one-of-a-kind pieces. You're welcome to come in and play dress up, try everything on.

Do You Need High Clarity?

When it comes to clarity, do you really need high clarity? If you can't see it with your naked eye, does it really matter? Go color and cut, I'm telling you.

Picking out the Perfect Diamond

Hi, I'm Barbara Oliver and I'm here with you to teach you how to pick out the perfect diamond.

What’s My Favorite Color?

My favorite color? Sparkly!


The experience of making, what some would say, the biggest purchase a lifetime was such a delight with Barbara and her associates. She makes it very comfortable and not scary during the whole process. She made sure that I knew what I was buying, and also educated in what I was buying. We were able to get the most perfect ring, and was/is willing to work with any budget. My now fiancé said it is the most perfect ring, and wouldn’t want anything else. Now it’s time to pick out wedding bands!!!!!


I AM TRULY SPEECHLESS!!!! Can’t say enough about Barbara and her staff!! She helped me upgrade my wife’s wedding ring diamond for our 20th Anniversary. Barbara really took the time to sit down and discuss options with me, not from a sales person’s point of view, but from a “family member” point of view. Extremely warm and personable, someone who really cares! Thanks again Barbara, I gave the ring to my wife today and she was in tears!! Truly a day to remember!!

The experience we had in Barbara Oliver’s, was second to none, from the minute we walked through the door. We sat in a relaxed and comfortable setting and discussed our plan for a bespoke design. It seemed so much more personal than just standing across a counter, like most large chain jewelers. Barbara explained in detail, the process which made it easier to select the perfect stone and design the rings we wanted. At this point we knew we were in excellent hands with the right gemologist.